Clive Steele Partners can cater for structural and civil design and supervision for residential, commercial and industrial developments including but not limited to:

– Timber framed residential design

– Residential slab design

– Concrete, masonry and steel framing

– Precast panel design

– Retention systems

– Underpinning

– Multi storey construction

– Industrial sheds and warehouses

– Telecommunication towers

– Additions and alterations to existing structures

– Inspections and reports for dilapidation, cracking or other arising defects

– Stormwater drainage and detention systems

– Water quality management

– Pavement and road design


Clive Steele Partners is registered to complete workings in the following regions:

– Victoria, NSW, South Australia, Western Australia

– Northern Territory

– Queensland

– Tasmania


Legal representation and advice can also be offered by Ian Flanders, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Engineers.

For further information regarding services offered or a quote, please contact us on (03) 9545 0223 or [email protected]